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How do I create an account?
Fill out the sign-up form on the right side-bar. Signing up for any product will create an account in eSilverBullet.

How do I log into my account?
Click the Login link at the top of our website.

Who uses eSilverBullet?
Individuals and companies, large or small, who are actively growing their businesses online through selling goods and services, building websites and online storefronts, driving traffic through affiliate marketing and SEO, communicating with prospects and customers via chat and email marketing campaigns.

Do I have to download eSilverBullet to my computer or server?
The eSB Builder is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that is hosted entirely by us, and is accessed through the Web.

Can I use eSilverBullet outside the United States?
For the most part, yes, but keep in mind that our support hours are during business hours in the Mountain Time Zone, and our servers are all located in the United States.

What operating system can I use?
eSilverBullet products are web-based applications, so you can access your account using any operating system.

What browser can I use?
Any browser you would like. However, we have optimized the applications for Chrome and Firefox.

Data Hosting and Security

Is my data secure?
Yes. We use a SAS 70 type II hosting facility for our servers, with redundant Internet lines, backup power supplies and twice-daily data backups.

Can I host my eSilverBullet database on my own server?
No, we offer eSilverBullet as Software as a Service (SaaS) only.

Will anyone outside my company see my data?
No. eSilverBullet support staff can access your data, but only with your permission in providing customer support to you.


Does eSilverBullet provide customer support?
Yes. We currently offer phone, chat and email support 8:30-5:00 Mountain Time, Mondays through Fridays. Call 888-813-0170, email, or click the chat link at the top of this page.

How should I report a bug?
Send an email to

How can I request feature changes or additions?
Right now the best way is to send an email to with "Request" written in the subject line. Later we will use a forum to gather these requests.

Is there a forum or something I can use to communicate with other users?
Not currently, but we hope to set up a forum in the future.

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