Privacy Policy

At eSilverBullet, we respect your privacy. We are the sole owners of the personal information we gather on this site and will never sell, rent or trade it to third parties. We encourage you to read this policy in its entirety before signing up for any of our products or services.

This privacy policy covers all of eSilverBullet. It does not apply to entities not owned by eSilverBullet, such as businesses or services we may refer you to. If you have questions or concerns about it, please contact us at or 1-888-813-0170.

Information We Gather

As a new customer, you will use a sign-up form on our site to create a user account. We request contact information (such as name, company, phone number and email address) and, for paying accounts, financial information (such as a credit card number and expiration date). Later, as a returning customer, you will log in using your username and password. We transmit all this sensitive information through a secure connection using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Because we use NMI for processing payments, all your financial information will reside on PCI-compliant NMI servers. Your non-financial information will reside on our servers, which are securely located at a SAS 70 Type II hosting facility.

Like most websites, our server logs record visitor activity on our site, such as IP address, browser type, pages viewed, from where a visitor came, where the visitor went after leaving our site, etc. This information provides us with site statistics, but not personally identifiable information.

How We Use Information

When you sign up with eSilverBullet, we will send you a welcome email with instructions and links to log in and get started. From time to time we may also send emails to make you aware of alerts, updates or special offers. Users that don’t want communications related to special offers can opt out, either through links in the emails or by sending a request to

You may have the ability to make some of your profile information public within some of eSilverBullet's products. That does not mean all eSilverbullet users will see your profile. Rather, it means other eSilverBullet users who have a business relationship with you (e.g. either you’ve entered them as contacts, or they’ve entered you as a contact within eSilverBullet) will be able to view your public profile. That way they will have access to whatever up-to-date contact information you choose to share.

We may use aggregated demographic information to make a better user experience within eSilverBullet, or to promote our product. For example, we may show on our website that 5,000 customers use eSilverBullet. This information does not identify you individually.

We may also use information from public profiles to match users that desire new business relationships with others within eSilverBullet. We will not sell, rent or trade your information to third parties, inside or outside of eSilverBullet. However, we may need to disclose personal information if required by law to comply with a court order or other judicial proceeding.

Third-Party Information Entered by Our Customers

If you use eSilverBullet's eSB Connector, you will be able to enter contact information and communications from your customers and prospects, with whom we may not have a business relationship. We do not own that information. You own it and can import, export, modify and delete it at any time, without our permission. Since we are not responsible for the privacy practices of our customers, you will need to maintain your own privacy policy with contacts you enter into eSilverBullet.

If you use eSilverBullet's eSB Composite, you will be able to import tracking data into eSilverBullet. This allows you to aggregate your tracking information in a single location. Your tracking statistics will come in via an Application Programming Interface (API) between eSilverBullet and networks or tracking software you use. eSilverBullet will pass—but not record—your username and password for each network or tracking software through the API to access your statistics. We will not buy, sell, or rent your tracking statistics.

Communications, customers, prospects and other contact information entered by you will not be visible to any other users unless you have a multi-user account and they are users under your account. Also, our employees will generally not be able to view data entered by you. We do have an administrator account that gives us access to all data on our server, but we use that account for modifying the global user interface and top-level support issues, not day-to-day operations.

Changes to Our Policy

eSilverBullet reserves the right to amend or replace this privacy policy at any time and from time to time without prior notice. Any updated or new privacy policy will be posted at this site.

Updated May 16, 2011.

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