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"We at started our website in 2007 and knew little about the online retail business. With the help of the Builder, the informational material, the support we got, and a lot of hard work, we surpassed $500,000 retail last year and have been enjoying a steady growth every year since 2007. Since eSilverBullet bought the Builder, we are still receiving excellent support and attention."

- Ted Durbin, owner of and customer since 2007 using eSB Builder

"I have had my website for over five years, and I really like the design, and I just love the builder. It is so easy to add or edit products and pages, and I can work on several pages at once with the use of the quick tabs. It really saves time! Do you know what I really like? If I have a problem or need a question answered, eSilverBullet is only a phone call away, and my problem is solved in minutes."

- Betty J. Rundle, owner of Satin Doll Boutique and customer since 2006 using eSB Builder 

"I cannot say enough about the eSilverBullet Customer Support! I have received so much help in improving my web site, I can't begin to list it all. The staff offers suggestions that will make Lori Lake Jewelry ( more customer-friendly, and they have taught me a variety of technical skills that simply make life easier!

Also, I cannot say enough about how wonderful the support has been. I have received and incorporated advice about how to improve my website, and I find great comfort in knowing that great support will be there whenever a problem arises. The staff goes to work on solving the problem and lets me know as soon as possible what the solution is. The personal attention that I receive makes me realize that they really care about their clients and their business needs. The eSilverBullet Support Staff is a valuable asset to this company, and to mine! Thanks for all that you do."

- Owner, Lori Lake Jewelry and customer since 2009 using eSB Builder

"eSilverBullet hosts our Homeowner's Association website. We cannot praise the service we receive from them enough. They are very efficient, prompt, and friendly every time we call. The help desk goes out of its way to help. If calls back to us are needed, they are done promptly and they are right-on in their suggestions for what we need to do. The staff at esSilverBullet just go out of their way to be helpful and make our website successful."

- Jack Keegan, president of Deer Mountain HOA and customer since 2007 using eSB Builder


"We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the services and support that eSilverBullet provides. The Builder is an intuitive, easy to use, and powerful website development tool. We also appreciate the professionalism, quick response time, and impressive knowledge base of your customer service team. We couldn't be happier. eSilverBullet has provided the platform upon which our online business has and continues to grow."

- Owner, FastLiftParts and user of eSB Builder




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